Alumni Association

Founded on 22.02.04
Registered under the West Bengal Society Registration Act, 1961.
Registration S/IL No. 46441, dated 20.07.07

Aims & Objects  

The objects for which the association is established are:

  • To provide a balanced and objective coverage of issues pertaining to academic affairs of the college.
  • To provide a means of staying in touch with the alma mater as well as with one another.
  • To provide a route for fostering mutually beneficial and enduring relationship between the college’s past with its future.
  • To provide a forum for open exchange of relevant ideas.
  • To encourage its members for taking part in indoor and outdoor games and cultural programmes.
  • To promote and encourage the creation and preservation of such an atmosphere as may be conducive to the interest of the common people as well as to the members of the Association and those connected with them.
  • To raise funds carrying out the object of the association.
  • To do all other things which may be ancillary or conducive to the attainment of the aforesaid objects or any of them.
  • To express opinion and views in all other matters as may be found necessary or expedient.
  • To fall in and confederate with all other associations of the state in cases of emergency to uphold common causes.
  • To render help for financial, physical, intellectual, philanthropic and charitable cause involving people at large.
  • To do all other things as may be considered expedient.

The names of the members of the Governing Body of the Association:

Sri Manindra Nath Roy
Sri Niren Barman
Sri Nilanjan Saha
Sri Nibash Datta
Sri Pradip Bong
Mani Ch. Barman
Sri Dilip Barman
Nadira Begam
Paramita Acharya
Smt. Chidkana Saha
Sri Biswajit Saha
Sri Sanjay Saha
Sri Bichitra Barman

I. Membership

  1. Admission:
    1. Any student graduated from this institution may be a member of this Association and Office bearers of the Governing Body of the Association shall be the first members of the Association.
    2. Any student who have graduated from this institution may be a member of this Association and life time membership fee will be Rs.50/- or as may be settled by the Executive Committee. 
  2. Types of members:
    1. Honorary Members: Any person whose connection with the Society is deemed to be useful, with the consent of such person, is eligible to be a member of the Governing Body nor shall be entitled to vote at any meeting.
    2. Ordinary members: Any person who is qualified to be a member and pays prescribed ordinary membership fee may be admitted as an ordinary member of the Society. 
  3. Cessation of Membership: 
    Any member shall cease to be a member
    1. on the acceptance of his resignation of membership,
    2. on his becoming insane,
    3. on his conviction of any offence in connection with the formation, promotion, management or conduct of affairs of society or a body corporate or of any offence involving moral turpitude. 
  4. Register of members: The Association shall maintain a register of members containing the names, addresses and their occupations, the date of admission and of cessation of membership. The register will be kept open for inspection of the members of the Society, or requisition. All entries required to be made theirin shall be entered within a period of 15 days. 
  5. Rights and obligations of Members: 
    Any ordinary member of the Association has the right
    1. to elect or to be elected in any election of the Association;
    2. to submit suggestion for discussion to the Governing Body on any matter relating to the Association;
    3. to inspect the accounts and proceedings of the meetings of the Association on appointment with the Society. Defaulting members shall not be allowed to take part or vote in a meeting. Members shall have one vote each. 
  6. Expulsion and Removal of Members:
    Frequent actions of any member, if found by the Governing Body, are detrimental to the interest and are in violation of the rules and regulations of the Association, he or she may be after due enquiry censored, suspended or expelled from the Association by the Governing Body. In that case the Governing Body shall first serve the member concerned with a show-cause notice stating therein the charges framed and ask him or her to submit his or her statement of defence within a month. On receipt of the explanation the Governing Body shall have the power to take suitable action against the delinquent member after allowing him or her to defend his or her case. If no reply to the show-cause notice is received within a month, the Governing Body may take an expert decision. 

II. Governing Body 

  1. Composition, election / appointment, resignation / removal, terms of officer: The office bearers of the Governing Body shall comprise the Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer and other committee members. The office bearers and other committee members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. 

    The resignation and removal of the Governing Body members shall be with as has been prescribed as in the case of other members noted here before. The terms of office of the Governing Body shall ordinarily be three year unless it is dissolved / terminated early under unforeseen circumstances. After election, the old body will continue to function till the new body taken over charge which shall under no circumstances be more than 30 days from the date of election. 
  2. Meeting:  The Meeting of the Governing Body shall be held at least once or twice in a year. Any time members of the Governing Body may requisition a meeting and the Secretary shall summon the same with the same in seven days, failing which the President on the requisition may do so, provided no business other than specified in the notice shall be transacted at such meeting. 
  3. Notice and Quorum: A seven days' notice of the meeting specifying the place, time and the general nature of the business to be transacted shall be given to every member of the Governing Body. Emergency meeting may be called on 24 hours' notice. 1/3rd of the members personally present shall constitute a quorum for the meeting and if a quorum is not present within 30 minutes of the time, members present shall adjourn the meeting. 
  4. Procedure of the Meeting: The Chairman or in his absence, members present shall elect a Chairman of the meeting. All questions before the meeting will be decided by a majority of votes, each ordinary member having one vote. In case of equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote in addition to his own. 
  5. Power and Duties of the Governing Body: The Governing Body shall have general power of supervision, and conduct the overall affairs of the Association and in particular shall discharge the following duties: (a) To appoint sub-committee with such power and duties, as may be considered necessary or expedient. (b) To accept donation, gift, subscription, movable or immovable property for the objects of the Association. (c) To sell, lease, mortgage or otherwise dispose of and deal with all or any part of the property of the association. (d) To keep proper accounts of the association and to open bank account in the name of the society in one or more banks. (e) To opt not more than one member to the Association. (f) To appoint a person on payment to assist the Secretary/Treasurer in the maintenance of accounts etc. (g) To conduct any other business not specified herein for the attainment of the object of the Association, provided such business is not repugnant to such object. 

III. Safe Custody of Properties

  1. The Governing Body shall be responsible for safe custody of the funds, properties and assets of the association. 
  2. The funds of the association shall be kept in bank/post office/ mutual funds and invested in any securities specified under Section 20 of the Indian Trust Act, 1982. 

IV. Books of Account & Inspection

The books of account and other statutory books shall be kept at the registered office and shall be open to inspection of the members at such time and place as the Governing Body directs on a written request made by any member of the Association. 

V. Accounting Year

The accounting year of the association shall be from the 1stday of April of each year to the 31st day of March of the following year. 

VI. Meetings

  1. General Meetings:
    1. Notice: The association shall annually call the Annual General Meeting within two months from the end of the last financial year giving at least 14 days' notice to all members. The notice shall specify the place, date and time of the meeting. 
    2. Agenda: The business to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting shall be –
    3. i) To confirm the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and Special General Meeting, if any; ii) to adopt with or without modification the report of the working of the Association for the previous year; iii) to pass audited accounts of the association for the previous year; iv) to appoint qualified auditor; v) to transact such business as may be fixed by the Governing Body; vi) to transact such other business as may be brought forward by giving 14 days' notice from any member; vii) to conduct general election ( in every third year). 
    4. Quorum of the Meeting: 1/3rd of the members personally present at the commencement of the meeting shall constitute the quorum. 
    5. Manner and Method of Voting: The Chairman of the meeting shall decide the manner and method of voting at the outset of the meeting. 
  2. Special General Meeting: A Special General Meeting may be convened by the Governing Body at any time in view of urgency of the matter. At least 7 days' notice shall be given to every member for Special General Meeting. Members may request the Governing Body for Special General Meeting by placing a requisition signed by the 2/3rd of the total members. In that case the Governing Body shall convene a Special General Meeting within a month from the receipt of such notice.   
  3. Extra-ordinary General Meeting: The Governing Body may direct to convene an Extra-ordinary General Meeting for consideration of addition, alteration or amendment of the memorandum/regulation of the association. 7 days' notice along with the proposed draft of change shall be sent to the members before the meeting. The resolution for change, amendment etc. of the memorandum and regulations shall be carried out if accepted by the three-fourth of the members present at the meeting. 

VII. Duties of the Office Bearers

  1. Chairman: He/She shall (a) preside over all meetings of the Association; (b) take all disciplinary actions such as removals, etc. in consultation with the Governing Body; (c) advise the Secretary in any matter requiring urgent attention; (d) call emergency meeting. 
  2. Secretary: He/She shall (a) convene all meetings of the Association; (b) maintain minute books of all meeting; (c) issue general circulars and notices; (d) receive all applications for membership; (e) sign on behalf of the Association all receipts for all sums received as subscription etc.; (f) sign and pay order on all bills for payments; (g) ensure the compliance with statutory requirements. 
  3. Treasurer: He/She (a) collect and receive all sorts of subscriptions, donations and deposit of money and grant receipts there of; (b) maintain and keep cash-book and other accounts as are necessary; (c) operate bank account jointly with the Secretary or with the Chairman; (d) prepare the budge in consultation with the Secretary for consideration of the Governing Body. 

VIII. Maintenance and Audit of Accounts

The association shall maintain books of accounts as required under 15(1) (a), (b) of the Act. The accounts shall be audited by a duly qualified auditor as stated in Section 15 (2) of the Act. 

IX. Suit and Legal Proceedings

All suits and legal proceedings by or against the association shall be in the name of the Secretary or such person as shall be appointed by the Committee. 

X. Alteration of Memorandum & Regulation

The memorandum and regulationmay be altered, modified, rescinded or added to be special resolutions passed by the 3/4th of the members in a General Meeting called for the purpose. 

XI. Dissolution of the Association

Subject to the provision of the Sections 24 &27 of the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961 or any statutory modifications there of, the Association may be dissolved by resolution to the effect passed by the 3/4th of the members of the Association at a General Meeting. The said meeting shall also decide the manner of disbursement of the funds and assets of the Association, if any, after dissolution.

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